This is a guest post from the Development Team Intern, Alana.


To be passionate is a privilege. Four years ago, my heart broke when I heard the plight of the precious girls being exploited night-by-night right in my back yard. I knew then that I had found my cause and had found my passion. Never, though, could I have imagined the incredible journey that I have been set on a result of a small tug on my fifteen year old self’s heart.

This journey has stirred something uncontrollable in my heart, and has transformed me from an individual with scrambled talents and random interests to being an intentional activist with a purpose and a calling. Frankly, its unbelievable how each of my gifts and experiences are so perfectly tuned to leading me into my role in this fight for freedom, and this journey in this time of my life. This is a realization that has only come directly as a result of my experience this summer as the Development Intern for Wellspring Living.

These past seven weeks with Wellspring Living have been full of challenge, change, and opportunity. This experience has allowed me the privilege of sharing Wellspring Living’s passion and purpose with the Atlanta community, of seeking sponsorships and support for our Run for One 5K, of interacting with volunteers and donors, and even of digging a large hole and building a fire pit. Seven weeks ago, I never could have imagined what this summer would look like. Even now, half way through my experience, I know that I have so many opportunities ahead of me that will continue to blow me away.

This internship has stirred in me a greater passion for these girls, but most of all, this internship has equipped me with the outlook and the confidence that will prepare me to further fuel the fight against the grave injustice manifesting itself right in front of us. My position has given me the chance to use gifts and skills that I didn’t know I had, and pushed me overcome challenges that I believed were surely too large to surmount. I’ve learned that the fight against human trafficking and child sexual exploitation can be fought from behind a laptop, or from a meeting room. This battle is a multi-faceted one, and every email, phone call, or meeting is one step in a unique, creative direction to get one more broken girl to a place of restoration and freedom. We have been anointed to action, and each of us come to the table providing different gifts that together orchestrate a great movement for justice. I am so blessed by the drive, encouragement, and opportunities that this internship has brought this summer, and I am thrilled to see where the rest of my journey will lead.