A huge thank you to the FortuneBuilders, Inc. of San Diego, CA! FortuneBuilders is a group of people whose primary philanthropic passions are children, education and housing. They select local organizations that align with their company core values to provide the tools, knowledge and systems for implementation and support. They also look at how well organizations are established in the local community and the immediate impact they can have there, including their web presence, such as a website and social media. FortuneBuilders believe that organizations should have the long-term goal of providing those they help with the resources, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in life, not just a short-term solution.

FortuneBuilders came to Atlanta for a conference and during their trip chose Wellspring Living to be the beneficiary of their donations! They went shopping based on the Residential Home Needs List and loaded us up with tons of needed items! We are grateful for their support and so thankful they chose to donate to the girls and women we serve!