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This is a guest blog post by our new Marketing Intern, Maggie.

“Wellspring Living is a nonprofit organization that combats child sexual abuse and exploitation in the state of Georgia. There are over 100 girls that are exploited in Atlanta every night, will run for ONE?”

Over the past two weeks I think I have said these two sentences more than anything else. Some would complain about having to say that over and over, but those people don’t see how incredibly powerful these words are. Wellspring Living is stepping up to combat the daunting task to help: 1) Get people to realize, there are slaves in our own back yards in Atlanta, 2) Rescue and restore those who have been used and abused to finding a new life full of joy and laughter, and 3) Get the community involved; which brings me to the thing my focus has been on for two weeks: The first annual Run for One 5k at Grant Park on June 15th at 8am.

When I started my internship, I was thrown straight into a meeting about getting the word out about the Run for One 5K and gathering fun merchandise for the racer’s “swag bags,” I have to say I was a little worried about how I would do. For those who have ever walked into a new job or internship, you understand the sinking feeling I had when I started to doubt my abilities. Thankfully over these past two weeks, I have gotten my sea legs and feel like I can move forward in the tasks assigned to me. I enjoy calling stores and businesses, mainly because I love building relationships with strangers. New friends are the best kind of friends.

The biggest thing I have taken out of the meetings is the passion of the marketing and development team. Within the meetings we talk about how to best communicate the mission of Wellspring Living and how vital they want to help. The fact is there are 27 million estimated slaves in the world today. I don’t know about you, but that number is pretty unfathomable to me. The men and women who work for Wellspring Living are so focused and dedicated to the mission of “setting the captives free.” They have such a deep love and a sense of urgency for these women who are in the programs. I have been so honored to join this team. I’m excited for this adventure ahead of me within this fantastic organization.