Wellspring Living has the honor of being nominated for the 2013 Epoch Awards!

Epoch 2013 honors those in the mission field who are persistently challenging and creatively solving the problems our world faces in areas such as discipleship, poverty, water advocacy, HIV/AIDS, sex trafficking, homelessness, church planting, and more. Awards totaling $50,000 will be given to individuals who are restoring places, creating projects, and touching the lives of people, while intentionally honoring the role of Jesus Christ in their work. The awards taking place on October 28th and feature Bob Goff and John Acuff as presenters!

You can help us serve more girls in Atlanta by nominating us as well. Nominations are open through May 30th and updated on the website each Friday. Help give Wellspring Living the chance to win $50,000, enabling us to better serve girls in Atlanta!