Did you know you can give directly to one of the girls in the Wellspring Living for Girls Program? Not only can you give your time volunteering, or your money by donation, you can give to meet the individual needs and wants of each girl.

The girls we serve are each special and different in their own way, making their needs and wants different as well!  Our desire is to not only meet the physical and spiritual needs of the girls we serve, but also shower them with gifts of love. You can be a part of this!

In order to see human trafficking end, we have to be willing to make a difference in the life of ONE girl. To stand beside her, to hold an umbrella of protection over her, and to show her in every way possible: YOU are important, YOU are worth investing in. Giving to meet the personal needs and wants of ONE girl is a simply, easy way to do this.

To see the current Wellspring Living program needs lists, visit our website. For questions about giving, email Susan at