GA Gives

Did you know that over 100 girls are being exploited each night in the state of Georgia? Once she enters prostitution, a girl’s life expectancy is only 7 years; for a girl who is forced into sexual exploitation at the young age of 12, life could end before she turns 20. Wellspring Living has the capacity to serve 14 girls in our girl’s program, an amazing blessing, but still not enough. As a non-profit, we need your help! We need friends, family, and community members to become involved and invested in the lives of our girls and women. We need you to become an advocate; we need you to become a White Umbrella, standing for her purity and protection.

$56 will provide a day in the Wellspring Living Girl’s program for a survivor of sexual exploitation. $56 will provide a safe home, professional counseling, group therapy, and a chance at a future filled with hope. Will you join us in serving these girls? Will you make a pledge to stand next to her in the storm and walk with her through the journey of restoration?

This Thursday, December 6th is GA Gives Day, a day for people across the state to give back to non-profits. Thanks to our friends at Wells Fargo, we already have a donation of $1,000! We ask you to join with Wells Fargo in providing for the future of a girl in need.