The nation and world got to know Aimee Copeland this past summer after a zip line accident and flesh-eating bacteria necessitated amputation of her hands and feet in order to save her life.  Aimee captured our hearts as we watched her walk across the stage just months later for an interview with Katie Couric.  Now she is using that immutable spirit and love for living to focus attention on the survivors of human trafficking.  Partnering with Wellspring Living, Aimee, along with Paul Howard, Jr. (Fulton County District Attorney), and Paul Bowely (Wellspring Living) will discuss the ramifications of human trafficking in our communities. Tickets are $50 and 100% of ticket revenues will go directly to Wellspring Living.  Please join us in supporting Aimee in her desire to give back to her community and honoring her for the hope she continues to inspire in all of us.

Wealth Horizon, Inc. honors Aimee Copeland with the 7th Annual “Celebrating Wonderful Women” event. Join us for an evening of celebration with dinner, drinks, education, and fundraising on December 5th at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center 6:00 pm to 9:00pm.