This is a guest post, written by Wellspring Living staff member, Brianna Campbell.

Since my freshman year in college, I have known the Lord was calling me into the human trafficking issue. I pursued a degree in public policy in order to assist the development of quality restoration programs and abolitionist legislature, and I have a strong desire to see communities join together to defend, protect, and restore lives broken by sexual exploitation. Everywhere I turned, the Lord revealed a desperate need for more after-care homes for survivors of sexual exploitation.
My first encounter with Wellspring Living was through a class project on sex trafficking. I was eager to make a difference for justice, and I took every opportunity to find ways to connect with others who shared my passion.

A friend of mine, Shana, began work on a documentary film on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in Atlanta. I assisted her by researching statistics, legislation, and local abolitionist efforts. In our search, Wellspring Living was one of the few organizations that had real experience dealing with the complex issue of restoration and healing.

Through film interviews with President Mary Frances Bowley and program staff, I quickly realized that the heart of Wellspring Living is one of passion, commitment to quality, and faith in God. I applied for an internship, and I spent a challenging and inspirational semester working in the girls program.

After graduating college, Wellspring Living offered me a job in retail, managing one of our upscale resale stores. While I imagined I would be fighting CSEC by working retail, the Lord provided the perfect opportunity for me to jump in, and has continued to guide my steps towards His purposes. I am learning to trust the Lord with His timing and plans, even when they don’t fit mine!

Recently, I started a new job with Wellspring Living. Through Wellspring Living’s Organizational Mentorship Program, I am now helping to provide resources to other organizations around the world who want to establish aftercare for CSEC survivors. From the beginning of my journey, the Lord put the need for more restorative programs on my heart, and He is fulfilling my desire to help encourage them!

I am thankful for the opportunities that Wellspring Living has given me to serve, and I look forward to seeing the ways this organization is going to grow. Please continue to partner with us as we follow the Lord’s path to rescue, restore, and renew lives!