This post is written by guest blogger, Gentry Darby.

May 26, 2012 we had 51 participants and $1,150 donated for our first 72 Miles for Freedom group ride.

We are now in phase two of our journey! March 23, 2013 our second 72 Mile adventure will take place on the Silver Comet Trail. 

The mission of 72 Miles for Freedom is to bring awareness and funding to ministries that support the restoration and freedom of people.  We will use the event as a platform for others to become involved in a tangible and sacrificial way.  Our sport and giving will be for a purpose.  To see broken walls rebuilt.

Why 72 miles?

The inspiration came from Passion’s Good Friday gathering in 2012. That night we were introduced to Julia Immonen who had just completed rowing a boat across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness for human trafficking.  Through my involvement at Passion City Church I became aware of the 27 million slaves that are in the world today.  When Julia started sharing about rowing for freedom she said, “You don’t have to row, just do what you’re good at.” Me? I’m good at rollerblading. I have been doing it for 20 years. Her inspiration put a dream in me to skate for freedom. My first thought was to represent 27 million slaves with a 27 mile group ride, but then God reminded me of the 72 Days for Freedom campaign and said “why don’t you go further? Why not go 72 miles?” I knew that if I could skate 27 miles on my own ability that God would give me the strength to train for 72 miles. Prior to sharing the vision publicly I tested the dream by skating 27 miles.  I barely finished, but God said take the next step.  The next step was to contact an agency that seeks to bring freedom and restoration to others.  Wellspring Living was chosen because they are local to Georgia and because their mission is to confront the issue of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation through advocacy, education and treatment programs for girls and women.

The March 23, 2013 group ride will invite inline skaters, long boarders, cyclist, walkers, runners, and other athletes to join in for all or part of the 72 Miles.  For example, you may have a group of 10 people walk/run 7.2 miles, totaling 72 miles.  Another option is to complete 27 miles for the 27 million.  It’s up to you how many miles you complete.  The point is to take a stand for freedom while raising awareness and funds for those who have limited freedoms.

This event will support Wellspring Living and a Skate Park ministry in Latin America that rescues and restores teens from street life by giving them a safe place to skate.  The event will be held on the Silver Comet Trail March 23, 2013.  Register online now!

How can you help?

Thank you to Stuart Atkins and Andy Brophy of Create To Restore for their amazing work on the promotional video!