Today’s blog is written by Barb, a faithful volunteer at the women’s home.

Last spring my white bearded iris made a spectacular show at my home. We finally found the best place for these bulbs to flourish, in just the right light. They were a gift from my mother-in-law who brought them to Georgia from her home in New Jersey almost 20 years ago. But they had multiplied and were crowded so it was time to thin them out. To my surprise, I reaped over 100 bulbs!

I thought about the promise of beauty each held for God’s appointed time, year after year. I thought of another home—Wellspring Living, where I teach knitting with friends from Heartstrings Needlework Ministry. Coincidentally I had just received an email announcing The White Umbrella. I was captivated by the title and ordered a copy. Would they want some white “umbrellas” to dot their landscape? When I offered the bulbs to the volunteer coordinator, she said, “Sure, if you come and plant them with the girls!”

And so we did. On planting day, October 2, six women joined me with a wheelbarrow of gloves, shovels, trowels, bag of soil, and 56 bulbs. We talked about several things as we planted:

  • How impossible it seems for a lumpy brown bulb that looks like a potato to transform into an exquisite, graceful flower on a strong stalk;
  • How by planting in threes with a larger one in each group reminds us of how we need stronger people beside us to grow;
  • How white flowers will represent purity on the landscape and complement the royal purple iris already there representing daughters of the King;
  • How attention needed to be given to where the roots were draped to ensure a strong foundation;
  • What a blessing the previous stormy days were to prepare and soften the soil for our digging
  • How a simple act of playing in the dirt represented hope and expectation for the spring when several women anticipated their own transitions and graduations.
  • How even during the fall there will be growth and we should see the green leaves peeking through the pine straw.

What a fun hour! I am grateful for the time spent with all the women of Wellspring Living.