Today is International Anti-Slavery Day! Anti-Slavery Day is championed by Anti-Slavery International which, founded in 1839, is the world’s oldest international human rights organization and the only charity in the United Kingdom to work exclusively against slavery.

We live in a world where there are more human slaves than any other time in history. With information like that looming over our heads, what can we do? We feel responsible, so how can we become a part of something that will actually make a difference? How can we use our voices to speak for those who are kept silent?

At Wellspring Living, we receive requests daily from people who are making a difference in their communities, asking us to play a part. Whether it’s speaking at a high school fashion show dedicated to raising awareness about sexual abuse or attending a documentary screening on sex trafficking in other countries, Wellspring Living has countless opportunities to share our mission with like-minded organizations and take a unified stand against sex trafficking.

But we cannot do this alone; the calling to make a difference is simply too big. We need more voices, more people with the knowledge and ambition to make a difference. This is where YOU come in. By joining Wellspring Living’s Speaker’s Bureau, you become the fuel behind the fire. We train you, equip you, and give you the opportunity to go out into your community and become an advocate, a voice sharing the statistics, the stories, and the hope we have to offer. As a Speaker’s Bureau member, you become the bearer of hope, of knowledge, and of inspiration to those who have none.

Interested in joining the Speaker’s Bureau? Email for an application! The next training class is October 27th so sign up today!