As many of you know, we are extremely blessed to partner with photographer Andy Brophy and his Love Gives Way campaign. Not only has Andy given his time, skill, and resources to serve the girls and women of Wellspring Living, he has also gathered a community of artists willing to do the same! The Love Gives Way artists are talented, life-giving people with a heart to serve. We’d like to introduce you to one of them today: Kendra Harrell!

Kendra grew up in the small, southern town of Albany Georgia before venturing to the big city of Atlanta to attend Savannah College of Art and Design, (SCAD) pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. With the desire to align her future with the heart of God, Kendra began to focus her projects on justice. Suddenly the normal student project turned into an opportunity to raise awareness in the classroom. After graduation Kendra continued this passion working with organizations like Unthinkable, Buckhead Church/Northpoint Ministries, First Baptist Church Atlanta, and Passion City Church. She now works at Leader full-time designing for General Mills.

Kendra partnered with Wellspring Living last year for the night of sex-trafficking awareness called 100 Girls, and now serves as part of Love Gives Way! We are so grateful for her passion, her skills, and her desire to see sex-trafficking end in Atlanta. Thank you, Kendra!