With the official launch of The White Umbrella Campaign under way, we are so happy and grateful to have Wellspring Living supporters promoting The White Umbrella on their own blogs. Last week Justin Holcomb, pastor at Mars Hill Church and Executive Director of Resurgence, wrote a wonderful post highlighting the importance of The White Umbrella as a tool in the fight against sex trafficking. Holcomb says,

“The book tells stories of survivors as well as those who came alongside to help them to recovery. It describes the pain and the strength of these young women and those who held a “white umbrella” of protection and purity over them on the road to restoration—all realizing that it is God who loves us, enters into our suffering, and stands with us that makes hope, healing, and new life possible.”

To read the rest of Holcomb’s thoughts on The White Umbrella, visit his website. To order your copy of The White Umbrella, visit Amazon.