Do you have a special holiday program coming up, and you need an organization to donate the proceeds to? Is your small group wanting to participate in a giving campaign, but don’t know where to start? Does your high school civic group need a guest speaker for one of your club meetings?

I have the perfect person for you.

Well, the perfect people actually. It’s a group of trained volunteers, just like you, who had an itch to learn what’s being done about sex trafficking. A group volunteers who wanted to do more than just know the statistics. They wanted to be a part of a movement to educate people about the horrors of sex trafficking, but still give them hope. The also wanted educate them about the hope for survivors who have already been trafficked and abused.

And that’s what the Wellspring Living Speaker’s Bureau does. They are trained on the issue, Wellspring Living’s programs, and the hope we provide through therapy and education.

They want to share that hope with you!

Fill out a short form here to request and an official Wellspring Living representative to come speak to your church, high school club, small group or community about what we are doing to restore survivors of trafficking and abuse.  It’s that simple! They are educated and equipped to share about the issue and the solution. Here are some events our representatives have spoken:

  • Civic groups
  • High school classes
  • Conferences
  • Churches
  • Small groups
  • Rotary clubs
  • Dinner parties
  • Mission fairs
  • Community events
  • Business luncheons
  • Professional meet-ups
  • Races

And many more. Request a speaker for your event. You won’t be disappointed!