This post is by Wellspring Living’s Volunteer Coordinator, Cindy Battles.

It was about a year ago God smacked me out of my chair and life was turned upside down. I had been working for an international missions organization for over 4 years. I loved the organization, the people I worked with, my job…I had no thoughts or intentions of leaving.

In July I was on vacation, taking an online class focusing on managing group volunteer projects. I can’t even remember why I decided to take a break, but I did. I got on Netflix and saw a documentary in my “recommended” section. The documentary was “Very Young Girls” and it shook my world. I’d heard statistics about domestic trafficking, but suddenly I was hearing stories. Then Rachel Lloyd, in a speech she was giving, really nailed me. We look at girls and women being exploited overseas and call it “trafficking,” we look at it here and call it “prostitution.”

We can’t bear the thought that slavery still exists in the United States.

I’d been so focused on what was going on overseas that I’d neglected what was happening outside, twenty minutes outside my front door. I’d foolishly thought everyone knew about what was going on in Georgia, but the more I talked to people, the more I realized how naïve I was.

At the end of my class, I had to put into practice what I’d learned. I found Wellspring Living and asked about opportunities to lead a group project with their program. I then started volunteering, sharing what I knew about volunteer administration, and it wasn’t long before I was offered a staff position.

I knew it was God’s plan, and so did my supervisor and others at Operation Mobilization. But it was a tough transition; some days I faced it like Abraham and others I dragged my feet like Lot’s wife. But I never doubted that I was going in the right direction.

It’s been a little over six months and it has been crazy, wonderful, chaotic, and challenging. I’ve learned about my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve streamlined processes and made adjustments to others. My main job duties revolve around volunteers and in kind donations.

When Passion 2012 was over and so many people wanted to get involved, I got to connect them to opportunities. When HopeMob posted our wish list and people purchased 560 items in three days, I had my box cutter ready. I’ve taught Life Skills classes at the Girls’ Home and now I not only know the statistics or the stories, I know the girls. They’ve laughed at my attempts to dance and thanked me for helping them see how college is possible. I’ve been able to speak to groups of people, sharing with them what is happening in Georgia and how they can help. I’ve had women from those groups come to me and share their own heart breaking stories. I’ve learned about event planning and helped put together short-term trips for college students and churches.

The next six months are going to bring new challenges…there will be days I want to throw my computer or run off for a venti vanilla latte. But every day I walk into this office I know three things:

I’m where I’m meant to be.

I’m making a difference.

I love my job.