This is a guest post by one of our speakers, Mavian Archoa-Rowe.

What makes you smile? What makes you feel validated? This question is especially vital for Wellspring Living survivors, and every person working in the organization. It could be cheesy 80s clip or an ultra-cheesy short film, such as Kurt Kuenne’s Validation. Or, it could be your mentor acting like a silly dud so she can see your pearly whites.

Can a smile take stress away? For many, an uncomfortable situation can be speaking to others. The fear-factor surrounding speaking on tough situations, such as sex trafficking can surely add extra stress. How do you mentor someone who has been hurt? How do you speak to someone about hope when they have yet to see a glimpse of light?  What happens if you simply smile?

A smile introduces the start of a conversation. A smile can even introduce the start of a relationship. Mentors, meet your new friend…. Smile.

Surely there is power in a smile. A smile provides hope. A smile connects two or more individuals together and serves as the foundation for a genuine conversation. A smile is contagious. A smile brightens up the face.

A smile is especially warm when seen on the face of a survivor after learning that Jesus saves.

Why not use your smile today to welcome someone hurting, someone in need, or even a survivor? Why not use your smile today to open the doors to a new beginning?

God has designed each of us as unique and interesting people. After all, we all have something great and exclusive that no one else has. Your job is to unveil that greatness. Despite the many languages, a smile goes beyond all borders and serves many.

Smile today. You never know whose life you might change.