I can’t help but sing the echo-y jingle in my head whenever I see or hear that word. The color of the word, the consistent exclamation point, and welcoming jingle paint Yahoo! as a sociable and outgoing company. Not only is their branding friendly and community centered, we have found that their giving matches the heartfelt intentions.

Wellspring Living has had the distinct honor of partnering with Yahoo! over the past year for our all three of our annual events. This year’s fall 5K is no different. With that, we are very excited to announce that Yahoo! will be sponsoring the Wellspring Living Race to Restore 5K at the Silver Sponsorship level!

If you go to Yahoo’s! homepage, you will see a very well formatted front page of news, financial advice, popular YouTube videos, health tips, and many more. What is not displayed is the generosity of Yahoo! as a company to the communities of Atlanta. Due to employees sharing causes close to their heart and Yahoo! Executives seeing the need for support, this company has become a constant support for the programs and events of Wellspring Living. Their hearts to end trafficking and further awareness for community involvement in the issue has grown tremendously over the past year. We are honored to be the recipient of this sponsorship and continue our partnership as our events grow.

Thank you Yahoo! for your continued support!