An Umbrella Protects.

Pretty common knowledge for anyone who has ever been rained on in his or her life. But what if you were unable to hold an umbrella over your head? What if you were always drenched by a storm that kept you from seeing the path in front of you, from being able to walk in safety? For the girls and women in Wellspring Living’s programs, this is a daily reality. They have been trapped in a storm of abuse, with no one to help shield them from the rain.

This is where YOU come in. Wellspring Living is launching a national call to action for people to join together with survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation and to become a community of hope and support in her journey to recovery. We are asking YOU to become equipped, to learn her story and to help change her future. This is The White Umbrella Campaign.

It is a big calling, but we aren’t leaving you with out the tools! Our President and CEO, Mary Frances Bowley, along with many contributors, has completed a guide for those who want to come alongside these girls and become a symbol of protection and purity over them, essentially a White Umbrella. You can pre-order this book, The White Umbrella: Walking with Survivors of Sex Trafficking, by visiting the brand new website

So, go! Visit the website, order the book, and begin the journey of becoming a part of the community who will walk with her for the rest of her life. Become a part of her restoration, of her hope, and of her future. Become her White Umbrella.