Terri Crabtree is a realtor who has seen the world. She has lived in Asia, climbed The Great Wall of China four times, and knows how to find your dream home. After her adventurous travels she made her way back to Peachtree City to firmly set roots and begin her career in real estate. She has quickly made a name for herself from her vibrant personality, award-winning level of service, and ability to find the perfect home for any buyer.

Along with making the residents of South Georgia comfortable in their new homes, Terri and her realty company are making a difference in the lives of sex-trafficking survivors. We are proud to announce Terri Crabtree Realty is our Platinum Sponsor for the 2012 Race to Restore 5K! They have been faithful supporters of Wellspring Living for years, and Terri and her husband Mike have a tremendous heart to see restoration among our girls.

If you are looking to purchase a home South of Atlanta, Terri Crabtree Realty is a great place to start. The service and care are excellent, and they play an active role in serving their community. We are honored to partner with them in this way!