Remember the daily posts listing why you should run in Wellspring Living’s 2012 Race to Restore 5K? Well, here they again, just in case you needed a refresher:

  1. You can run on Dana Konick’s team, the Mexi-CANS (Wellspring Living’s Community Advocacy Manager)! View her video and sign up for her team!
  2. It’s a great way 2 run off some ‘pre-holiday’ pounds!
  3. Your $$ is going towards restoring a stolen life.
  4. Getting up early in the morning is supposedly good for you!
  5. You don’t have 2 feel guilty about going for pizza later.
  6. Get in shape 4 Gala dress & tux!
  7. 1 in 4 girls is sexually abused b4 she turns 18
  8. Studies show exercise & giving back makes U feel good
  9. What better excuse 2 hit Maggino’s on Friday & carb up!
  10. Run off those summer BBQ pounds you put on.
  11. For the T-shirt to add to your collection.
  12. Participate because you need social interaction!
  13. Get BACK on your New Year’s Resolution 🙂
  14. A reason to go shopping! Shoes, new shorts, and a sweatband!
  15. $30 registration fee = 1/2 day of therapy 4 a girl
  16. 300 girls will be exploited in Atlanta this month.
  17. Bragging rights.
  18. 1 in 4 girls is sexually abused by the time she’s 18
  19. It is a great community builder for your small group!
  20. Have a friendly competition with your neighbor
  21. You can create a team & raise funds for @WellspringLivin
  22. Atlanta is 1 of the top 14 cities in US for trafficking
  23. You can make a video like this:
  24. It’s fall! The hottest of Georgia days have passed!
  25. You could enter to win a MASSAGE from @MassageEnvy
  26. Get a team of 12 & up & your team name will be on the shirt.
  27. You can enter to win gift cards from @TinLizzys!
  28. The team with the most runners will win a prize!
  29. @WellspringLivin provides homes 4 survivors
  30. Girls have a chance 4 a new life @WellspringLivin
  31. Our women and girls are worth it.

 Now will you register? Do so here!