Hello Online Community,

 I wanted to let you know that this will be my last week as the “Voice of Wellspring Living.” It has been an honor and privilege to share the story of Wellspring Living to you all, and I am excited to take it on my next journey! I am moving to Nashville in a couple of weeks, and have the honor to introduce Wellspring Living’s new Communications Manager, Beth Shepherd. Beth is coming from the Virginia Highland store and brings an extended experience in communication and social media. Here is her first post as the new “Voice of Wellspring Living.”


Jessica L. Smith

Hi, Beth here. I wanted to share with you a bit of my journey so far. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the power of my voice. As a toddler, I would make up my own songs and sing them out loud to make my parents smile. In middle school I could be found screaming cheers and encouragement to my brothers on the baseball and soccer fields. In high school, I was giving my testimony to schools in Brazil to share the gospel. I spent my college days as an advocate for the organization ANGELS (AIDS Now Grasps Every Living Soul) sharing testimonies of those whose lives have been affected by AIDS. I have always had a voice and I have always been given the opportunity to use it.

My time with Wellspring Living has reminded me how blessed I am to have a voice and the space to freely use it. We serve girls and women whose voices have been silenced, whose voices have been deemed as unimportant. Wellspring Living exists to offer hope and a space for these girls’ voices to be heard again. We desire to give a girl the courage to find her voice, the strength to speak again, and the tools to become a woman whose story can change the lives of those around her.

As the Assistant Manager at the Virginia Highland Wellspring Treasures store, I had the pleasure of sharing Wellspring Living’s story of hope daily with customers. I feel incredibly honored and humbled to now be the new “Voice of Wellspring Living.” I am excited to play an active part in restoring hope and bright futures for the girls and women of Wellspring Living. Their lives are important, their stories are powerful, and their voices deserve to be heard. Just think of me as the megaphone.