We get a lot of questions about what a typical day looks like for our girls and women.

What do they do in the morning? 

What do they eat? 

What kinds of life skills classes do they take? 

How often do they have therapy?

I asked our program coordinators if I could share a schedule of events for a typical day at the women’s home, and they obliged. Here is a small picture of what ‘day-to-day’ looks like for our women.  *The women’s names have been changed for privacy and safety purposes. 

Tuesday: Sarah’s 4 Month Anniversary!!

7:00am – Proverbs and Prayer

7:15am: Fitness

8:00am: Personal Time

9:00am: Breakfast

9:30am: Quiet Time

10:00am-12:00: Focus Packets

    10:00am: Jamie counseling with Lisa

    11:00am: Emily counseling with Lisa

12:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm Social Successes with Carrie (Volunteer)

2:00pm: Lia counseling with Lisa

    2:00pm: Class 1/Class 2/Class 3

3:00pm: Yoga with Cynthia

4:00pm: Free Time

6:00pm: Dinner

6:30-8:00pm: Steps to Recovery

9:00pm: Psalms and Prayer

Hope this paints a better picture for what our women’s program looks like.