I have never had the ability to build solid sand castles. I’m a pretty artistic gal, but the sand to water ratio never seemed to get quite right, and it always crumbled. When I received an email that an expert sand crafter was raising money for us through sandcastle building, I was immediately intrigued.

Meet Chuck Chumley, or better known as, The Sand Guy. He has one mission:

To raise money for charitable organizations by building sand castles.

It seems impossible, doesn’t it? Well, where there is a Chuck, there is a way. He has crafted all kinds of castles to raise funds for different organizations. He uses this platform to encourage people to donate to organizations or purchase your own specialized sandcastle, of which he will build and send you a photo.


For the month of August The Sand Guy has chosen to raise $5,000 through his Show Compassion castle, highlighting Wellspring Living and our partnership with Kevin Rowe. Better yet, Chuck will match up to $500 worth of donations and his company will match that! You’re donation will be worth 3 times the value!

So let’s review. Chuck Chumley, The Sand Guy, has built a castle to raise funds for Wellspring Living. You can donate to the sandcastle here. Chuck and his company, up to $500, will match each donation.

Incredibly innovative way to make a difference in today’s society. Join Chuck today!