Lawrenceville First United Methodist staff member Whitney Ford has been working around the clock to raise funds for and bring awareness to Wellspring Living. She wrote a post about her church’s fundraiser campaign, and excitedly encouraged everyone reading to get involved.


The Women’s Ministry at First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville has been busy in 2012! After hearing about the work Wellspring Living does at a Women’s Ministry event earlier this year, our women have made supporting Wellspring Living their focus. They have set the goal of raising $5,000 to benefit the Wellspring Living Women’s program. At the close of June, we had raised just over half of what we need to meet that goal! Our fundraising techniques are simple and fun, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you how we’re doing it!

We kicked off our fundraising endeavor by inviting a Wellspring Living representative to speak to our women’s ministry, and took a love offering following the talk. As a side note, this event also included a “bring one, take one” accessory swap. Any leftover accessories were donated to the Wellspring Treasures store to be sold or used for Creations from Donations. The event was a huge success; so much so that we are holding a second event in the fall!

Secondly, nearly all of our ladies’ small groups have either read books about trafficking, or had a speaker visit their small group in efforts to raise awareness around the issues of abuse and trafficking. Some of these groups have taken love offerings among themselves or set up tables on Sunday mornings to accept donations from church members.

Finally, Wellspring Living has graciously provided us with a sampling of their fabulous t-shirts, and let me tell you, they have been absolutely FLYING off the shelf! The t-shirts are extremely popular among our youth girls, so when a youth group from Mississippi teamed up with our own youth group to tackle a mission project, we took advantage of the opportunity! During their down time, we gave the kids an overview of the work that Wellspring Living does, educated them about trafficking warning signs, and had an open time for Q&A. The kids were so attentive, had a million questions, and were completely fired up afterwards. When we offered t-shirts up for purchase the next day, we raised over $500 in thirty minutes!

This year’s activities are adding up and so are the donations, helping us to reach our goal of $5000! We are already making plans with Wellspring Living for next year, and can’t wait to see how God will grow this program within our church and our community!

I want to encourage you all to support Wellspring Living in your own creative way. They are so helpful and gracious, and will bend over backwards to ensure that your organization has the information, tools and resources that it needs to host a successful event. We have been blessed to see the Lord work through our projects, and believe that through him all things are possible.