I am always amazed at the creativity and innovation that comes from our volunteers. People go to such great lengths to financially support our programs, and it is always so humbling to see. They tap into their resources, connections, and creative outlets to make a difference in our girls’ lives, and ultimately our community.

One of our speakers, Catherine Sheehan, was inspired by Andy Brophy’s campaign, Love Gives Way, to use her talent and love of painting to support the work of Wellspring Living. http://wp.me/p150nJ-hE She saw that Andy was using his photography skills to provide restoration to a girl, and wanted to do the same. In an email, Catherine noted:

“I loved that he was taking his gifting for photography and partnering with you guys to reach an audience. I do a lot of artwork in my free time, and I would love to make some pieces for you guys to sell, and Wellspring Living to receive all the profit.”

It’s that simple. She was inspired by a creative project, looked at her talents and giftings and decided to make a difference. Over the next several months you will see Catherine’s paintings for sale at our Duluth and Virginia Highland Wellspring Treasures locations. Great pieces for any home!