This British born singer-songwriter Kevin Rowe took a leap of faith in 2010 when he left everything he knew and boarded a plane for the land of opportunity, America. He set out to pursue a career in music in the collaborative community of Atlanta, and was quickly met with an endorsement from Nord pianos and several showcases.

With his growing popularity and sharpened piano, guitar and vocal skills, Kevin was burdened with a new passion to write about: freedom for girls and women caught in modern-day slavery. With this newfound passion, Kevin got his creative juices flowing and penned a song to dedicate to the cause, called Everything I Was Made For.

For the first 30 days of this song release, he is dedicating every penny made from the song sales to Wellspring Living. Kevin is stepping behind the piano and giving the spotlight to the hope that these women can be restored.

He is selfishly taking a back seat to his own fame in an effort to rally his supporters and fans behind the work of Wellspring Living.

It is such a humbling thing to watch as someone gives up his or her renown for the benefit of others. Let’s stand behind Kevin and support his single release by going to his concert on Saturday, August 18th at Tavern 99 in Atlanta!

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