We all have those people who leave impressions on our lives. Those people who always remember your name, and make you feel like a million bucks. For me it was my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Dean, who stayed late on Tuesdays to help me with my math and scheduled pizza parties once every few months for our class. She had big curly hair, a hearty fill-up-a-room laugh, and a boisterous personality to match. She was tough, but in a loving and caring way that shaped my view of people in my small little 5th grade world.

Our lives are peppered with colorful people like Mrs. Dean, and it seems the older we get the more intriguing people we meet. I imagine Wellspring Living volunteer Chuck Rigdon to be a lot like my 5th grade teacher, with the loving and friendly description I was sent about him.

Chuck and his friends from Cornerstone Church took on the sizeable task of putting in a volleyball pit for our women. When Chuck came out to survey the land where the pit would go, people were chatting and joking about the famous, “Chuck.”

Anyone who has spent any time with Chuck knows that he has a way of meeting people and making friends.  

He always remembers names too!

Chuck goes over and above any project you give him. Completing the simple task at hand is never enough! 

The list goes on and on. Knowing his nature, most people figured his work at the home wouldn’t end with a volleyball pit. Pretty soon, his list grew from putting in a volleyball pit to adding a few tables, clearing some brush, and adding some rocks to help with drainage. Friends of Chuck were not surprised!

So here’s a big thanks to all the ‘Chucks’ and ‘Mrs. Deans’ of the world — the people who go the extra mile to help those in need and serve their community. And to the real Chuck Rigdon and Cornerstone Church: you have given the women something to look forward to everyday, and we are thankful for your work!

You are culture shapers and community developers!