My drive to the girl’s home on Thursday was hard. I could not believe this was my last week with them! My eyes filled with tears as I drove down the highway, towards the Wellspring Living Girls Home for the last time.

Thank you Jesus for the precious time you have given me with these girls.

I parked the car, walked to the door, and was greeted by sweet Valeeria, the volunteer coordinator. She told me they were having a surprise birthday party for one of the girls. Excitement filled the air as the volunteers, workers, and girls prepared the house for the party. The room was wallpapered with decorations and presents were stacked sky-high. Everyone was thrilled to shower the graduate with affection and love. When she walked in, shock and thanksgiving covered her face. I could see the joy in her eyes. All the girls ran to hug her. Everyone dearly loved her.

All the sudden, music began to play and the girls cleared the living room to transform it into a dance floor. They are all so talented! Some danced, some sang, and I even saw one of the girl’s artwork hanging proudly in the center of the room. It was a celebration, a moment of pure bliss. The girls were laughing and enjoying life. I tried to join the dance party too, but failed miserably. I am so glad they got a good laugh though.

We ate cake, opened presents, and danced. I couldn’t have asked for a better last day with the girls. They had other things they had to do, so eventually the party ended. One of the girls, the one who gave me the painting, came up to me and hugged me. I was surprised because that had never happened before! She hugged me and told me she missed seeing me. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me.

Ms. Valeeria told me that the girls are trained to believe certain things about themselves, before they come to our program. They are told they’re worthless, and not valued. They are trained to believe the only valuable thing about themselves is their beauty. Wellspring Living is teaching them to believe that they are worth so much more. I have absolutely loved helping the girls see their potential and value. They are so precious and valuable not only to me, but to their Maker. I think it’s fitting that my last day ended with a party because God throws a party when someone becomes His child. I think when a girl is rescued and restored; there is a party in heaven for that too.

Valeeria told me something that day that will always stick with me.

Imagine what would happen if these girls actually believed their talents could glorify God. They would be unstoppable!

You know what, I believe they will be unstoppable one day.