Guest Blogger: Lauren Vickers (@wsladvocate)

No silly! This isn’t an old post and I’ve not let the heat get to me!  It’s a HAPPY NEW YEAR for Wellspring Living!  This past July kicked off our 2013 fiscal year! It was like Christmas in July!

The New Year brings new years resolutions.  I personally like to call them goals.  So with our new year I pulled out my goals I set for the official kick off in 2012 to see how I was doing.  Ehhhh, not doing so well.

Budget – Check; Eating Out Less – Half Check (I love me some Sushi!)

Work Out More – Hello first 5k!

Give Back More to the Community – Hmmmmm.  Personally I’ve made a lot of progress in the area but I’m never satisfied.  There’s a gene in me that wants to do more, give more, and think outside the box more.  God’s shown me where I can make a difference and use the talents he’s given me to fight for the freedom of our girls and women.   It was time for me to reset.  Guess what – New Years is a great time to do just that!

What were your goals for 2012?  How are you doing?  Need to reset? Here are a few ideas:

Fitness – Join us for our 5k!  Whether it’s to get in shape, have some fun or do something for someone else, it’s a morning that can’t be missed!

Spend more time with your family – Wellspring Living thrives on volunteers!  They support our stores, our homes and many of our programs.  Get your family together for a volunteer day at a store or have some fun cleaning your closets out and donate your gently used goods to be sold in our Wellspring Treasures stores.

Shop Less – On this one I’m divided….When you DO shop – Shop with us at our Wellspring Treasures stores.  Funds from your purchases go directly back to our programs to support our girls and women!

Personally since I’ve begun my time with Wellspring Living one item on my goal list I’ve been able to take off is to make new friends. Whether you volunteer once a week, or give monthly or pray, daily you will make new friends.  God has blessed me so much more than I could ever give back to our girls, women and staff.

We laugh, cry, eat Sushi and we make a difference.

We share about how amazing our God is and what he’s working on in our lives.  We give thanks to each other for support and prayers.

So reset.  Join Wellspring Living in our New Year!  Join us and have some fun, get in shape, meet some friends and make a HUGE difference in our girls and women’s lives!

Blessings to each of you in your New Year!