“I think I’m going to be sick.” I said to my husband.  “Honey, you’ll be fine; don’t be nervous. Be excited!”

“I AM excited!  I still think I’m going to be sick!”

This was me an hour before THE CALL.  This 15 min call wouldn’t save me 15% or more on a credit card.  This 15 min call could save 15 lives.  Give 15 girls who have been sexually exploited their education, a fresh start, a future.  This was no commercial – this was someone’s life.

I work for Yahoo! and serve as an advocate for Wellspring Living.  When I first learned of Wellspring Living over a year ago, the first thing I wanted to do was get my company involved.  Since then, we’ve supported the 5K race and fall charity gala, along with our company match program at Yahoo!

Through the Yahoo! Employee Foundation, I learned that I could champion a grant for Wellspring Living.  I did some research internally, and found out there was quite a bit of paperwork that needed to be completed.  To my joy – Wellspring Living did all of it!

The only challenge I had was writing a submission of 150 words about why I support Wellspring Living.  Now THAT was tough!  When you get to know me you know that I don’t do ANYTHING in 150 words or less!

After some fine-tuning, I hit SUBMIT!  For a month I anxiously waited for an email with the next step. Did we get through the first pass?  Did I submit everything?

Then the email came!  We’d made it through the first round of review and it was time for a 15 min call with the review board for the grant.  The grant I submitted was for $100k to support the growth of our organization. This is big. Really big!

The call was the most intense 15 min of my life.  I could hardly breathe.  Thankfully most the questions were to the CEO and CFO of Wellspring Living.

Now I write this and the call is done.  15 minutes is up.  We should find out soon on the approval.  I’m nervous to know, and I’m SURE I will be the one who finds out first. HURRY UP! HURRY UP!

No matter what the outcome I’m proud to be a Yahoo!  I’m proud to serve Wellspring Living with the resources that are available to me.  This year Yahoo! is a sponsor of the 5K and will provide some fun swag for the gift bags.  We are also fundraising for a team to support the race.  I called in all my favors from co-workers! With their hearts, donations and company match – I’m thrilled to say we have over $1,100 in funds going to Wellspring Living.  That’s 20 days of therapy for a girl!

Join me.  Get your company involved.  Big, small, it doesn’t matter. Ask about donation matches, grant opportunities or sponsorship options for events.  Donate gift cards or fun swag for events.  Don’t know where to start? Want some help navigating your company? Give me a shout!  I’d be happy to walk you through the process and support you and your company to make a difference in our community.  It starts with you!  It’s easy and at the end of the day you can be saying Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Contact me at wellspring.advocate@gmail.com or @wsladvocate