My mom’s flowery and heartfelt handwriting has followed me throughout my entire life in notes, letters and encouraging words. As a timid kindergartener, the “I love you sweetie!” written on my folded napkin in my lunch box gave me a burst of encouragement. It always helped me make it through nap time and learning the ABCs.

Her carefully thought out notes of compliment helped me get through my pre-teen years as the need for braces and my newly found interest in boys confused my childlike innocence.

Her handwriting followed me like my own personal cheerleader as I applied for colleges and academic scholarships. The stacks of forms and application fees didn’t seem as daunting with her encouraging words.

Trudging into my college dorm room weighed down by books and heavy pressures of high-test scores welcomed the care package on my front doorstep. Through the cardboard and well-packaged box sat a letter scribbled on my mom’s kitchen notes. Keep up the great work sweetie! This semester is almost over.

And now into my adult life my mom’s handwriting still finds me; whether it be through an email, a reassuring Facebook message, or an occasional card, reading my mom’s words still give me that boost of confidence.

Words are so important to a girl. Every girl needs to feel loved, supported, and guided. She needs to be told she is beautiful, smart, and enough. A common theme we’ve found working with trafficked and abuse survivors is the lack of a mother figure.

They didn’t have notes on lunch box napkins or care packages in college. While we cannot change these girls’ pasts, we can help write a new story for their futures.

We desire to unite the metro Atlanta community to write simple love letters of encouragement to girls who need it most. In a simple letter from a mother figure, a girl’s life can be changed. With a support system of like-minded women, we hope to allow the girls at Wellspring Living to see that they are special and worthy of love, by even a complete stranger.

Would you like to contribute to our Write to Restore campaign? We would like to invite you to do so, with this easy process. Fill out this Google Form to write a personal note to our girls. We will print the letters, and give them to the girls at a time of need. If you would like to send in a hand-written note, please mail it to the following address:

Wellspring Living

Attn: Write to Restore Campaign

140 Howell Road

Suite C-2

Tyrone, GA 30290

Check out our Sample Letter and Guidelines for suggestions and things to avoid while writing your letters.

Just as my mom’s words shaped me, we know that your words will help shape the futures of our girls and women.

They need it. They need you.

**Please note that these letters are for the girls, but we are planning on using some of the content for media purposes and blog postings. We want to show the Atlanta community how our mothers are taking a stand to restore the stolen lives of these girls. If you are uncomfortable with us sharing excerpts from your letters, please mark so on the Google form or make a note on your letter. **

Official campaign hashtag: #Write2Restore