This past Tuesday evening we were able to join forces with some Atlanta creative greats and talk about blog focus and technical tips. We met at Land of a Thousand Hills Roastery in Roswell, GA. We were honored to have Atlanta Blogger John Saddington [] share his passion for blogging, help us develop a centralized focus for our blogs, and really dig deep into ‘why we blog.’

His first question got us rolling: “Why do you write?” Here are some of the answers from the bloggers in the room:

  • A passion for story telling
  • To move career forward
  • For branding your business
  • Because she asks her students to write, so she writes
  • To scratches a creative itch
  • It started as a requirement for work or a project, and then built into something to be passionate about
  • Wanting to do something that adds value.
  • To share how our differences knit us together with others

John also asked, “How are you creating value?” Are you teaching your readers something, or giving them a reason to keep coming back to your blog? John emphasized the importance of Education for a blogger. He stressed that with every post we write we should be thinking, ‘What positive lesson will this teach my readers? Am I really educating them and creating value in their lives?”

He also gave us 5 action steps or ‘homework assignments’ as takeaways. Continue reading them here on Plywood’s recap. Photos included.