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Wellspring Living has a history of engaging young people into various aspects of the organization. As Redeemed Assessment Center Director, I have been passionate about involving next-generation leaders to expand their influence, experience, and scope.

I see rising generations passionate about truth and justice. For me, I just want to be a part of rising the next generation up. They matter, their cause matters, and mainly truth matters.

Lea & Samantha are two interns at the Wellspring Living Women’s home, and wanted to share about their experience working with Wellspring Living.

“Our time in the Redeemed Assessment Center has been abundantly blessed in terms of learning about logistics as well as the holistic picture of working for a residential ministry program. As interns we are valued; we have the opportunity to participate in staff meetings, network, interact with volunteers, and most importantly to interact with our the women in the program.”


When I first heard about the issue of trafficking, I decided to dedicate my high school senior thesis to learning more. Since then, I’ve wanted my generation to learn about the issue and to choose to do something about it.

Coming into this internship with Wellspring Living, I was completely thrilled! I thought they’d probably just stick me in a back office to handle paper work, but I am so thankful I was completely wrong! Since the first day I walked into the home at Wellspring Living, I have been blown away by the authenticity and grace that fills it! I’ve been entrusted to be a part of hard conversations, joyful victories, and the telling of beautiful life stories. In the past two months I’ve learned so much about myself, Wellspring Living, and the unbelievable power of Christ’s redemption. Being raised in a supportive and Christ-centered home, my life is drastically different from the life of every woman who has walked into the home.

Yet, I have learned one monumental truth this summer:

At the end of the day, we’re just the same.

We walk forward drenched in grace – only by the power of His great affection and redemption of our souls. What incredible freedom! I am so thankful for my time at Wellspring Living and the work the Lord is doing in this place.


Prior to my time at Wellspring I spent a total of 7 months in Uganda. Split between two trips, I had the opportunity to work in a rehabilitation center with teenagers abducted by the Lords Resistance Army from their villages. While I am grateful for my time in Uganda, I felt the Lord was leading me to work within the US border with trafficked victims. I hoped and prayed the staff of Wellspring Living was a staff who sought out the Fathers heart and fervently tried to carry out His will on earth. Thankfully, I did find that characteristic in the staff when I arrived! Through working with the staff, I have learned so much about grace and how to properly engage with a community of women who carry such heavy heart wounds.

My take away lesson from the summer is a very honest and simple one. Although I have learned so much about policy making, protocols, schedules, networking and formalities, those are not the take away lesson from my experience with Wellspring Living. The lesson is in fact that the issue of human trafficking cannot be curved, stopped or healed by human efforts. Instead we are completely reliant on our Savior; He alone is literally the Lord who puts our work in action. No what great intentions we have, if we are not prayerful and attentive to the Lord our works do not bear fruit. Thankfully though, Wellspring Living is an organization that knows and understands truth.