This post is from our Marketing Team Intern, Corrie.

One of my fondest memories with serving somewhere was one of the most meaningful and traumatic experiences in my life. In high school, my Sunday school class and I wanted to really serve somewhere. So, after much searching, we all decided on helping out at Church on the Street, a homeless ministry. Honestly, I have never really stepped out of suburbia before this experience, so I assumed all of Georgia was like ‘suburbia.’ Just imagine for one moment the look of confusion I displayed on my face as I, in my puffy white jacket, stepped out the streets and saw several tough and gruff homeless men staring back at me. I must have looked like a scared puppy. I began to work, and sheepishly put together hot dogs. One lady asked me to pass out donuts to the crowd. I looked at her like she had twenty eyes, but I obeyed because I really did come down to serve. In my white puffy jacket, and 5-foot frame, I walked around asking the crowd if they wanted a donut or cookie. Most of them were very sweet; telling me what a great server I was and how much they appreciated it. Feeling quite puffed up, I shredded my sheepish exterior and proudly pranced around (because I was the best server there, or so I thought).

As I walked around the parking lot, a tall man wearing a black toboggan and long tan coat approached me. Quickly, I could tell this was a “scary” man and my knees began to shake.

“I’m gonna grab my OWN donut” he said aggressively.

Because I am a rule-follower, I mustered the sweetest voice I could express, and told him I would give him a donut because he can’t reach into the box. After much banter back and forth, I gave him the donut. As I turned around to walk away, the man said a few things, and threw the donut I had given him back at me. I was horrified and embarrassed. The crowd around me laughed for a good while, and it took everything in me not to cry. Not because I was embarrassed, but because I was so scared and honestly offended he didn’t like my treat I gave him.

Shamefully, I will admit it took me a good year to go back to 

Church on the Street.

Serving is one of my favorite things about my walk with Jesus. I love to show how much I love Him. Although this memory is funny and somewhat traumatizing for me, I think back on it with a joyful heart.  I think God was preparing me to serve in a greater way. It opened my eyes to a new world, and I believe God used that experience to enhance my love for Him. He prepares us in ways (like a donut being thrown at you), to bring us closer to Him. Honestly, it did for me. I know it seems funny to learn all this from a treat being flung at you, but I really did learn about how much I need Him.

My point is this: even though serving may be difficult at times, remember who you are serving, and that His prepares us in incomprehensible ways.  He is with us, even when we don’t see things coming. I know that He does this for me even when I teach at the girl’s home. He continuously shows me how He has planned and prepared the way. I feel more prepared to serve in difficult situations because of this past incident. And, I am also ready to catch anything flying towards me