Food is such a simple but vital part of life. For some, it marks milestones in their day: a chance for a break or an opportunity to enjoy a new restaurant with friends. For a lot more, it is a privilege and a luxury to eat something everyday. For innovators Aaron Palmer and David Huey, they were not content eating at their favorite restaurant every night while other people were going hungry. They began to brainstorm easy ways for their friends and colleagues to sacrifice their own cravings and feed the hungry.

They started Hungry For A Day, which is a campaign encouraging people to add up what they would normally spend on food for a certain day, and donate it to them. Hungry For A Day highlights an organization every month that is ‘doing awesome work’ and helps them feed those who go hungry. They choose a day of the month to ‘go hungry’ and donate what they would’ve spent on food to the organization represented that month. Founder David Huey learned about Wellspring Living and knew immediately he wanted to help through Hungry For A Day.

For the month of July, Hungry For A Day is raising money to help buy groceries for our girls and women. They see the need and are rallying their community to be part of the solution. 

They are asking their communities to GO HUNGRY on Thursday, July 26th

Will you join us is providing food for our girls? To be a part of this incredible campaign, VISIT THEIR WEBSITE and pick a day to go hungry – a small sacrifice for our women and girls. Also, view this video to hear more about the project! The small sacrifice will help feed survivors of sex trafficking in their road to healing. Let’s help this campaign feed our girls!