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Rainy days are often times considered to be the gloomiest of days. Fog mixed with misty rain creates an all-together “yucky” day. For some people, a grey sky can brighten their moods, but if you are like me, it brings out a lazy kind of attitude.

Thursday was one of those days when I just wanted to stay at home with a steaming cup of coffee and read; however, I had important work to do. I had a class to teach and girls to encourage.  My mind cleared from the fog of last week, and I prayed and asked God to renew a joy within me. He did just that because I felt more encouraged than ever and anticipated a wonderful class with the girls.

Walking in, the mood seemed very similar to the week before – bored and not interested. My mind was made up to do something about this. As soon as I walked in the door, I said the word “candy” and they quickly leaned in and were eager to hear what I had to say. We talked about sharing your story, and public speaking. We used the candy bars for an activity and shared about how to dress and act during an interview. Instead of trying to teach them a new thing, my goal this week was simply to connect and encourage them. I wanted them to know how special, important, and valuable their voice was.  If they had something to say, I wanted them to know I heard and appreciated every word.  Most importantly, I wanted them to know their voice mattered to God.

Near the end of the lesson, I asked the girls who or what inspired them. You know those moments on television or in movies when the cricket chirps when a crowd is silent? It happened to me. I did not say anything though because I so desperately wanted to hear what they had to say. Finally, right before I opened my mouth to ask a new question, a young girl spoke up. She shared some of her story, and what had happened to her. At the end she said,

“You know, I think I am kind of an inspiration to other girls here. I’ve been through a lot and I think they look up to me.”

My heart swelled with pride. Of course, she is an inspiration; she is a survivor! For her to realize that her story was important enough to tell was an inspiration to me. Her voice mattered and her story was significant to me. Joy filled my heart because she understood what I was trying to say:

She is valuable, and God finds her priceless.

I think rainy days are placed for a time of refreshment and a time of realization. When I had a difficult time last week, I realized how much I needed God to work through me.  Yes it was hard, it is a long journey to walk, and rainy days will come. I think the most important thing to remember though is that the sun still shines when it is raining, and when the rain is done; the warmth of the sun radiates the earth. Let me tell you friends, the sun shone brightly in class on Thursday.