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This is the third installment of the marketing intern’s experience teaching at the girls’ home.

I’ve heard people say life can be like a roller coaster. You are up one minute; enjoying the fresh air and beautiful view, and the next moment you are plunging down to what seems like a dark abyss.  I have experienced this first hand during my time at the girl’s home. When I had my first class, I felt like I was soaring. It was one of the most encouraging times of my life. However, life is not always this way, and the next class didn’t give me that same feeling of flying.

I walked in last week confident in the Lord, and excited to see them all again. Unlike the week before where they were enthusiastic and inquisitive, this week they seemed uninterested and bored. I quickly tried to turn the lesson around, but nothing seemed to work. Whereas on the first day of the class the girls were energetic about marketing, during this class they seemed indifferent towards it. My heart began to sink as I was teaching, and I felt like I was going on a downward plunge on the roller coaster of life. Discouragement set in and instead of taking a step forward, I felt as though I took three leaps back.

When I left, I asked myself why they didn’t connect with me or what I was doing wrong. I really prepared for the lesson and felt very excited about my material and activities.  I called one of my mentors and explained my confusion.

Sometimes, when teaching or life in general, we do things that do not always turn out as we plan. We have expectations and make strategic plans, and instead of it following the schedule, it ends up going in a completely different direction.  Proverbs talks about this, saying “A man can plan his ways, but the Lord directs his steps.” I know He directed my steps during the lesson last week, even though I didn’t leave feeling like I had changed the world.

I have chosen to be encouraged rather than sulk and be disappointed.  I really believe that God is using me in the home, despite how different the past two lessons were. There is a new girl at the home, and I really felt like I connected with her. Even though it didn’t go as planned, I believe God used me in a small way.  These girls have been given up on in the past, and I will not give up on them. Even though it is not easy and it can be up and down, I will stay put. I will continue with the journey. After all, God is in this. He is directing my steps towards her. Even though I went plunging down this week, I know another triumph is on its way.