This guest post is by our communications advocacy manager, Dana Konick.

It usually begins with one question, “So, what exactly do you DO with Wellspring Living?”

That question always makes me chuckle because it’s so broad but it’s meant to be answered in just a few words.  I try to say things like project management, event coordinating, or leading volunteer advocates.  All of those are true, but the reality is what I really do at Wellspring Living is simple:

Build and cultivate relationships.

Like any relationship, third-party relationships require time, attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and a commitment to follow through on what you promise.

Third party partnerships are simply partnerships that benefit Wellspring Living but are not sponsored by Wellspring Living.

There’s a difference in managing these relationships and building them.  There are times when management is all that’s required.  You make a plan, delegate the responsibilities, and check in with people regularly to make sure everything is on track.  These partnerships are short and for a single event or season.  But my favorite relationships are those that catch me off guard when I find myself invested in the person or the group.  These relationships grow more and more each day and turn into something you never thought you would ever get to be a part of cultivating.

As I look at my calendar or in my red tabbed notebook, I am so grateful for all those who have given to Wellspring Living over the last year. They have given of their time, their talent, and their heart to girls and women whose faces and names they will most likely never know.   They understand, if I’ve done my job right, their willingness to gather their employees, design websites, write and perform restorative music, creatively capture the stories of restoration, help to facilitate events, or give proceeds from their sales ALL work together to create restorative futures for our girls and women.

Every third-party event and campaign matters.  It matters that businesses and individuals desire to give, serve and advocate for Wellspring Living.

If you are interested in participating in some type of third-party partnership, shoot me an email ( and I will help you get started.  We have so many models that might inspire you such as the Love Gives Way campaign, or maybe you want to host an awareness event and fundraiser like 72 Miles for Freedom, Kevin Rowe, or 10,000 Villages.  There is always a way that you can join in the community of advocates who support the work of Wellspring Living. Third party partnerships are a great way to get started!