Do we have any runners out there who also love to advocate for a good cause? We have a great event for you!

Race to Restore 5K: Run for Her Future is an annual event that Wellspring Living holds each year to raise funds for our programs. It is a great way to spend a fall September morning!

Check out the details:

Race to Restore 5K: Run for Her Future

Saturday, September 15th


The Bridge Community Center

225 Willowbend Road

Peachtree City, Georgia

Cost: $30.00

You can register as an individual, or join the staff of Wellspring Living in competitive spirit and create a team! Your team must include 12 or more people, and you HAVE to have a clever name! In order to receive a team name on the back of the race t-shirt, the team must be registered by August 27, 2012 and have at least 12 members. Competition makes a race even more interesting when there are prizes! In the Open division, male and female 1st and 2nd place runners receive a trophy, as well as the male and female victors of the Masters division. After that, the men and women (or boys and girls) of each division will receive 1st and 2nd place medals.

Running has never been my idea of a fun activity, but I still wanted to support the Race to Restore 5K. I found out that the Race to Restore 5K has “phantom runners,” which is where I can raise support for the race, and still receive a t-shirt, while staying in the comfort of my bedroom or watching the runners on the sidelines.

A new addition to this year’s race is that you can create your own fundraising page and raise funds for Wellspring Living.

We are challenging 100 runners to raise $1,000 a piece. You can do it!

OR, we are also challenging 50 runners to raise $5,000 a piece. I know it seems like a large chuck of change, but we are confident that you can accomplish this goal!

The most important thing about this race, whether you are a runner or not (like me!), is to remember why you are running. The race is meant to promote, fund, and bring hope to the girls and women in the Wellspring Living programs. The thought of bringing hope to a young girl’s life inspires me to be a part of this race, through training this summer! I am asking God to give me favor while I try to fundraise, reminding myself that I am raising funds for her future.

To register for the race click here.

To build a fundraising page, click here.