Our guest blogger today is Wellspring Living’s Community Advocacy Manager, Dana Konick.

Summer is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

In summers past, I would be waving good-bye to a long line of yellow busses filled with screaming children as I stood in front of our school with arms waving high above our heads.  We typically turned with a happy skip and a loud holler as we moved back into the building after the last bus had pulled out, not to return for a long 10 weeks.

I’ve been working with Wellspring Living now for exactly one year and one week.  This year there was no long line of buses to wave to, no screaming children, and no holler.  I’m beginning to feel the pangs of this 12-month employee lifestyle but I’m embracing the ways in which the normal 9-5ers take advantage of the summer season.  I’m making the most of my nighttime walks and my Saturday afternoons.  I’m going to local festivals, joining in the community BBQs and eating at the neighborhood picnics in my new hometown of Atlanta.

One the most difficult parts of walking away from my 10 year teaching career (aside from leaving those sweet kids!) was leaving my community of educators. As an educator, our major goal was to teach children and prepare them for all the big and small moments of their lives, and we did this as a community.  My colleagues had become my friends.  I spent more time with them collaborating, planning, laughing, and troubleshooting than I spent with any other community, including my own family.  They knew me inside and out and we could predict one another’s next step without fail!

I haven’t lost that in my transition into a new career, but I have rebuilt it.  I continue to learn more and more about communities and what I bring into them.  One of my most cherished blessings since joining the Wellspring Living community is getting to be a part of the Wellspring League.  They are a group of some of the most stellar and passionate people I’ve ever known.  Somehow they find it within themselves to venture into meetings, jump on board for planning events, and hit the streets educating the community about the work of Wellspring Living!  And all this, after full days, weeks, and months of jobs, families, commitments, and full living!

We would love to have you join in our new and growing community of abolitionists. We are like you, we go to school or we go to work, we have families, friends, and responsibilities.  We also have an unwavering desire to see the end of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation in our lifetime and our city!

What better time to join us than this summer?

We meet again on Saturday, June 30th from 1pm-4pm at Piedmont Park between “The Meadow” and “The Clara Meer Pond.”

It’s only $5 for food and dessert.  Feel free to bring your own non-glass contained beverage and enjoy the community, games, and prizes!  Bring your families, your friends, your blankets, and your chairs!  We can’t wait to meet you!

For more information and to RSVP please visit our event page here.