Hello all!

My name is Corrie Biesecker and I am the marketing intern for Wellspring Living this summer. I’m officially a sophomore at Kennesaw State University, and I am majoring in communications. I will be working with the marketing to help plan events, fundraisers, and teaching a communications class at the girl’s home. Every Friday morning, I will be guest blogging about my experience as an intern and about my time at the girl’s home.

My involvement with Wellspring Living began a little over two years ago when the Sunday school class I was teaching decided to do a service project for the community. Up until then, I had heard very little about the issue of sex trafficking. A representative of Wellspring Living came into the Sunday school class and shared about the programs of Wellspring Living. After listening to the stories about the girls coming out of such horrific lifestyles, I became very passionate about raising awareness and involved with the organization.  Another big push for me was when I went to the Passion conference a few months ago. During Passion, Louie and several other speakers shared stories, scripture, and scenarios that resulted in a call to action: to support local and international sex trafficking prevention, rescuing, and restoration organizations. I knew God was preparing my heart for Wellspring Living.

I started following them on Twitter and other social media sites, and eventually heard about their need for a communication/marketing intern. I knew it had to be the grace of Jesus for me to get the job. There were so many qualified people who deserved the job more than I did. I applied believing that if God wanted me to partake in this organization, He would provide.

Weeks later, they brought me on as the new marking intern for Wellspring Living! God was so faithful in this. He knew how much I desired this experience, and He is faithful to provide!

I feel like David, who seemed so unqualified to be the king of Israel when he was singing to his sheep, but God used him. I pray that even though I feel so small in light of God’s marvelous plans for this summer, that He uses me. I pray that even though I am so very weak, He utilizes my weakness for His strength. When I go and share at the girl’s home, I pray that His words come through my mouth, and His alone.

What a journey this will be! What excitement! As I go through this summer, I encourage you all to tune in each Friday to read what God has been up to here at Wellspring Living…through the eyes of an intern. 🙂