When I was very young my dad spoke three very important things to me:

Sweetheart, you are beautiful. 

Sweetheart, you a very smart young lady.

Sweetheart, you are my princess.

Throughout the years of childhood innocence, awkward teenage confusion, and transitioning into adulthood, I can still hear my dad telling me those three things as a child. They have shaped who I am as a woman. They have led me confidently into seasons of change, helped me face trials with dignity, and most importantly, given me a great deal of self-worth.

In those years where the words from a father can have such an effect on how a young girl views herself and the world, my dad spoke truth and confidence relentlessly over me. For a lot of women and young girls, they do not have an example in an earthly father that reflects our Heavenly Father’s love for us.

In honor of Father’s Day and our fathers, we are asking you to contribute to the restoration of the fatherless. So many of our girls don’t not have an example of an upstanding father, and we are working earnestly to instill that worth in them by the love of our Heavenly Father through the work of Wellspring Living.

Would you consider giving a gift to Wellspring Living in honor or in memory of your father?

In recognition of your gift, we will send you a memorable letter stating the following:

“In honor (or memory) of my father, a gift has been made to defend the fatherless”

Suggested Gifts Include:

• $50 helps provide a welcome basket for one girl

• $100 helps provide English curriculum for one girl

• $250 helps provide life skills training for one girl

• $500 helps provide clothing and shoes for one girl

**To give online, please visit our donation page.

**If giving by check, please mail to:

Wellspring Living, Inc.

140 Howell Road

Suite C-2

Tyrone, GA 30290

**For all gifts please include name of father and address where recognition letter should be delivered.

Thank you for your consideration as we celebrate our fathers.