It has been a dream of our organization to open up a third restorative home for girls and young women ages 17-22 coming out of trafficking or forced prostitution. In working with young women over the past eleven years, we have found that this is a very unique age in terms of restorative care. These women are not at the same place in recovery as some of our 14-year-old girls just coming into the program, and they are also in a very different place than some of our women who are in there thirties. We have found that this is a special age for recovery because they crave independency, but still need a foundation of support.

With the support of the 2012 Passion Conference, Wellspring Living is now equipped to open our third restorative home called the Empowered Living Program! This program will be a branch of Wellspring Living Transitions, an arm of the women and girls program that gives them a little more independence, while continuing with therapy and healing.

With the Empowered Living Program (ELP), girls who have graduated from the Wellspring Living Girls Home will be able to move into efficiency apartments, live on their own, but still under the umbrella of Wellspring Living care and council.

We will help them get into college, help them re-connect to society, and help iron out some of the transition kinks our girls face when reintegrating into normal life. We have a similar program for the Wellspring Living Women’s Home, where the women live in condos or homes called the Independent Living Program.

The Empowered Living Program is different because it will be open for girls who have graduated our program as well as young women who are new to Wellspring Living. Volunteers from the Passion Conference, our church partners, and from all over the city have been working diligently to turn these apartments into homes, and they are beautiful.

Please join us today in celebration for what God has done! The Wellspring Living Empowered Living Program is officially open. We are now welcoming girls with open arms!