In this day and age people have so many talents and skills. The individuality of America has encouraged people to explore their ideas, unique qualities, and skill sets to best determine what career path or hobby venture to pursue. I have friends who have dedicated their lives to the art of coffee roasting. They have traveled to Central and South America to learn how to cultivate a coffee bean, roast it to perfection, and brew it to a smooth and full consistency.

I know people who are singers, songwriters, and poets of the purest kind who use their love for words to create an experience for their audience. It is so encouraging to know these people, and the intricately creative interests they are devoting their time to cultivating.

One young man in particular, Luke Schuenemeyer, caught our attention with his passion for music, writing, and desire to bring awareness to the issue of sex trafficking. He is a college student and first heard about Wellspring Living through his college ministry at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA. After his church partnered with Wellspring Living for a mission trip, he began to envelop himself in research about sex trafficking in the United States and the rest of the world.

He came to the conclusion that indifference was no longer an option for him. He thought for a minute about how he could connect his love for music, rap, and writing with his newly found passion to bring awareness to this injustice.

He decided to write and produce a rap song about his duty to Defend Her. 

And he’s donated it to Wellspring Living! He wants to bring awareness around the issue and what Wellspring Living is doing to combat it.

So UPLOAD it, LISTEN to it, and SHARE it!

There is a special option that allows you to make a donation to Wellspring Living after you download the song. The download is free, so Luke is encouraging people to make a donation to Wellspring Living instead!

Sex trafficking will only go on for as long as the surrounding communities allows it…