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Guest post today by Lauren Vickers, Wellspring Living Church Development Director

The Vinings Lake Church community has completed a powerful act of service and sacrifice…I’M SPEECHLESS!

A few months back, Brian Bennett, Connections Pastor with Vinings Lake Church and I were brainstorming an actionable way to make their church community more aware of the church’s support for Wellspring Living. Vinings Lake was already an amazing partner but felt the call to do more.

“Shopping!” I said.  “Shopping?”  Brian asked.  “Yes what person does not love a reason to visit Costco or Target?”  We created a shopping list of  ongoing needs for the homes.  These items may seem insignificant, but as you’ll see the price tag can be heavy and we would love for every dollar to go directly to the programs, not to the purchase shower cleaner!

After their Justice Series service, we challenged the members to grab a Wellspring Living tote bag and bring it back over the next two weeks filled with any of the items on the list.

For our girls everything makes a difference.  Full restoration includes healthy living, which encompasses healthy eating, hygiene and housekeeping.  They are finally living in a room of their own they can be proud of, and we want to teach them the responsibility of taking care of it.

After the first week, I checked in with Brian to see how the collections were going.  “The boxes are overflowing and there are items spread all across the floor in the hallway. It is pretty amazing to see!” Brian explained.

First inventory count was 480 items! Since it wouldn’t all fit in my vehicle, on pick up number 2 we filled our large SUV so much that I needed to get a ride home from someone at the church! (Thanks Chip)! Our front seat was filled to the max!

As my husband and I unloaded each bag, we were speechless.

The community of faith cares. 

The community of faith takes action.

The community of faith is making a difference.

It was humbling to see all the items lined up – it was like seeing a piece of each givers’ heart and soul on the table.  They answered their call of duty from the Lord to do something – they turned their awareness to action.

So if you ever wondered what 1,054 items looks like….take a look!

There’s more!  Yes more!  This generous, loving community also made their largest financial donation to date to Wellspring Living, which will sponsor one girl in the program.  Vinings Lake – you may not know her name but she will most certainly know yours on this earth and in heaven!  On behalf of the Wellspring Living family – Thank you!  You showed us hope, action and the result.  We love you!