For those of you who do not know what the Wellspring League is all about tonight would be a good time to find out.  The Wellspring League is a community of young professionals who want to invest in Atlanta communities on behalf of Wellspring Living. They are city of Atlanta lawyers, advertising experts, therapists, and start-up professionals looking to merge their career with the passion to see an end to sex trafficking. Leader of the League Dana Konick has a heart to see the community of Atlanta collaborate together with one end goal:

to see the end of sex trafficking and sexual abuse.

“I believe that sex trafficking is a culture and societal problem. Knowing that, I also believe that Atlanta has a enough people who want this to end that they will work together until 100 girls trafficked a night goes to zero.”

Dana Konick, Community Advocacy Manager at Wellspring Living

With this mentality, Konick strives to work with other organizations to create healthy relationships with people who are fighting against the same issue. For tonight’s Wellspring League meeting, she has invited Kasey McClure from 4 Sarah to speak about her past as a stripper and adult entertainer and where she is now. McClure runs the organization 4 Sarah, whose mission is to help women and girls who are adult entertainers, prostitutes, escorts, or victims of sexual exploitation find new life direction. She does direct ministry in the strip clubs and bars, which she knows very well from her past.

Tonight she will share firsthand about her past, the struggles these women face, and how 4Sarah ministers directly to them in the clubs.

Wellspring League Meeting TONIGHT

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3417 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305