Recently I have been obsessed with the show the Cupcake Wars. Every cupcake on the show looks like a childhood dream in the form of a brightly colored, creative and sugary treat. The cupcake masters work for hours to perfect each tiny sprinkle placement, rich filling, and buttery-sweet frosting until excellence is reached. It’s kind of torturous to watch it (with my low-fat yogurt and tall glass of water in hand) because I am left with an overzealous thought that I can craft beautiful cupcakes when in fact peppermint bark is the closest I will get to those delicate treats. Such is life!

I was reminded of this Sunday night habit when I received an email about a volunteer at the girl’s home. Her name is Laura Kate Buttrill, and she is a junior at Ola High School in McDonough. She isn’t your average high school junior. She doesn’t go to basketball practice or study hall after school. She spends the majority of her free time creating visions of sugary confection in the form of cupcakes and cakes. She makes them for birthdays, friends, and now for our girls.

Laura Kate is in the process of combining her passion to help survivors of sex trafficking with her love of fondant and edible glitter. She found out about Wellspring Living and the issue of sex trafficking at the Passion 2012 conference, and has not stopped dreaming about how bright pink sprinkles and clever decorations can help trafficking survivors!

Laura Kate has decided to bake birthday cakes for the girl’s birthdays, and after seeing these photos I think I am going to hire her for my next celebration! She is helping make their birthday special, and making the girls feel like they are worth a beautiful, handcrafted treat. If you ever thought cakes couldn’t help end modern slavery, well my friend, you are most respectfully wrong. Seventeen-year-old Laura Kate is proving that anyone’s talent, occupation, or hobby can help fight against this social injustice. Her weapons of choice just happen to be a cake pan and an icing piper.