Two Sundays ago Wellspring Living had the honor of hosting a ‘Wellspring Living Awareness Day’ at Vinings Lake Church in Mableton. They are one of our church partners, and avid supporters of our mission at Wellspring Living. In honor of the National Day of Prayer, Vinings Lake’s Lead Pastor, Pete Hixson, has agreed to guest blog on the importance of prayer.


In Matthew chapter 6, we read Jesus’ teachings on how to pray. Within these words, he instructs us to pray to our father in heaven, “Let your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.”

There is a lot that God has given us to steward here on this earth. And he has invited us to join him in restoring this earth – setting all things right. All throughout Scripture, we get a clear picture of this truth that justice comes from God. People are His most prized creation, and his heart is for justice among all men.

Wellspring Living is a clear and visible expression of God’s heart for His people in our very own city. I was exposed to Wellspring Living about 4 years ago, which in turn educated me about the tragic injustice of sexual exploitation within our city.

Since then, I would characterize my journey as moving from awareness to passion.

Over the years, our partnership at Vinings Lake Church has grown roots that I believe will bear fruit for years to come.

On this National Day of Prayer, if you live within the city of Atlanta, when you pray as Jesus modeled, pray for the girls and women that Wellspring Living is restoring. Let’s join with God in bringing his Kingdom to this earth. Open your heart and let God show his compassion to these girls, and ignite passion for this injustice into your hearts. And then join Him in this beautiful quest with Wellspring Living through prayer, giving of your time, money, and influence.

“Father – let your will be done here in Atlanta as it is in Heaven. You’ve put us here & given us this place and these people to bring about your Kingdom on earth. Open our eyes & our hearts. It’s all because of Jesus we pray. Let it be.”

Pete is the Lead Pastor at Vinings Lake Church and has served there since 2006. Pete is married to his wife and best friend, Hollie and they have 2 daughters – Hope (10) & Addie (8).

Pete enjoys staying active with running, hanging out with family & friends, and has a passion to help people believe in hope. He strives for everyone to reach their full potential.