For the Our Women Speak series this week, I don’t have an exact quote from our women, or a special word of advice from them in their restoration process. But I do have a personal story. It’s from working with, watching and observing our women as they go throughout this process. This story goes out to every volunteer for Wellspring Living. Our women might not see what you do, know about all of the hours, money, or donations you invest in this organization, but they know you are helping to restore their lives. They know that there are countless people giving of their talents, time and funds to further the work of Wellspring Living, and they are thankful. Every time I visit them women’s home, I end up feeling more  encouraged and uplifted by the words of encouragement and love I receive. They are thankful for you. Your work is not going unnoticed, or overlooked, because every time you donate a piece of furniture to Wellspring Treasures or retweet a Wellspring Living blog post, they know that you are aiding in their restoration, and they are thankful. Thankful from the bottom of their hearts. 

I’ve seen it in their eyes.

I’ve felt it in their hugs.

I’ve celebrated it in their victories along the way.

So, thank you. Thank you to our volunteers for everything that you do. You are not overlooked. Our women speak out their thanks to you more than you know.