The guest post today is written by Paul Bowley, who is on our Donor Development Team. Paul raises funds and engages businesses all over Georgia with Wellspring Living and has a unique story to tell about two middle schoolers.

Last Wednesday, Lindsay (my wife) and I had the great opportunity to meet two incredible students at Wellspring Treasures Kennesaw: Kristen Farmer, an eighth grade student at Mount Paran Christian School, and Chris Smith, a seventh grade student who both attend North Metro Church.  This spring, Chris donated his birthday to Wellspring Living!  In other words, he had all his friends over to play football, and instead of giving him presents, they brought money for Wellspring Living.  Chris raised $365 to end child exploitation!!  Kristen found out about Wellspring Living and the issue of human trafficking a year ago and has been reading books about the issue ever since.  At Christmas, she decided she needed to do something, so she helped design a t-shirt and sold t-shirts to friends and family.  In a few short months, Kristen raised $1000!!  These incredible students gave a combined gift of $1365 and brought a ton of awareness to the issue of human trafficking while doing so.